Why are sales audits necessary?  

Sales audits are necessary for a number of important reasons, primarily the assurance of tenant lease compliance, with particular emphasis on unreported sales and the resultant percentage rent. Furthermore, sound business practices demand that retail real estate investments yield the highest returns for investors. Sales audits will produce increased rental revenue, which over the length of the lease, will result in increased property cash flow and added property value.

 The following are the primary purposes of tenant sales audits:

  • Payment by the tenant to the landlord of accurate percentage rent
  • Enforcement of tenant lease compliance
  • Deterrence of incorrect tenant sales recording, reporting and rent payment practices for the length of the current lease and future periods
  • Education where necessary of retailers in the area of their lease percentage rent obligations

Professional independent service providers specializing exclusively in tenant sales audits, such as Compu/Audit, Inc. are often called upon at the request of the property manager to perform gross sales audits in order to be assured that a tenant is complying with their lease obligations.

Is the tenant really living up to their lease obligations? We provide the answer. To review a sample of our tenant sales audit reports please go to the Reports section of this website.

How much does this service cost? Absolutely no more than $875 per tenant sales audit, including all costs. The importance of timeliness requires that tenant sales audits should be completed promptly. Our report is issued to our clients within forty-five days from the time of audit. Professional audit standards and expertise are essential. This is why landlords, property managers and lenders from coast to coast call upon Compu/Audit, Inc. to perform tenant sales audits for them.

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